GCS indoor draw out type electric switchgear


GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is two joint design according to the department in charge of industry, the majority of power users and design units developed in accordance with the requirements of design conditions, with high technical performance indicators, can adapt to power market development needs and can compete with the introduction of existing product low voltage draw-out switch cabinet.The device has been widely used by power users.

The equipment is suitable for power distribution system in power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other industries.In large power plants, petrochemical systems and other places with high degree of automation and requiring computer interface, it can be used as a low-voltage set for distribution, centralized control of motors and reactive power compensation in power and power supply systems with three-phase ac frequency of 50(60)Hz, rated working voltage of 380(400, 660)V and rated current of 4000A or below.

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Brand Name L/J
Place of Origin China
Minimum Order Quantity 1Set
Price Negotiation
Payment Terms T/T , L/C
Supply Ability 1000 Set
Delivery Time 30-45 Days
Warranty 1 Year

Environmental Conditions

Ambient air temperature not higher than +40℃, not lower than -5℃.The average temperature within 24 hours shall not be higher than +35℃.When exceeding, the capacity shall be reduced according to the actual situation.

Indoor use, the altitude of the use area must not exceed 2000m.

Surrounding air relative humidity at the highest temperature of +40℃ is not more than 50%, at a lower temperature allowed to have a larger relative humidity E such as +20℃ is 90%, should be considered due to the temperature change may occasionally produce condensation.

Device installation with the tilt of the vertical plane is no more than 5%, and the whole cabinet is relatively flat (in line with GBJ232-82 standard).

Devices should be installed without severe vibration and shock and insufficient electrical components should not be subject to corrosion.

Users have special requirements, can negotiate with the manufacturer to solve.

Basic technical parameters

Rated voltage of main circuit(V) AC 380(400)、(660)
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuit (V) AC 220、 380(400)DC 110、 220
Rated frequency(Hz) 50(60)
Rated insulation voltage(V) 400(66a)
Rated current (A) level of bus ≤4000
Vertical busbar(MCC) 1000
Bus rated short time withstand current(kA/1s) 50, 80
Bus rated peak withstand current(kA/0.1s) 105,176
Power frequency test voltage(V/1min) main circuit 2500
Auxiliary circuit 1760
Busbar Three phase four wire system A.B.C.PEN
Three phase five wire system A.B.C.PEN
IP IP30.IP40

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Wooden case, container or according to client's requirements

Shipping: Land transportation and Ocean transportation

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