Henan Equipment Company successfully developed solid-state die forging suspension clamps

A few days ago, Henan Equipment Company successfully developed the solid die forging suspension clamp XGD-21/60-40, and successfully passed various tests. The successful development of this product marks the company’s major breakthrough in the new solid-state forging process, and also enables the company to successfully enter the ranks of the few domestic hardware industry capable of producing solid-state die-forging suspension clamps.


In recent years, bidding for UHV projects requires bidding companies to have the production capacity of solid forging suspension clamps. In order to develop needs, the company decided to develop solid forging suspension clamps. The solid-state die forging process can greatly improve the internal structure and mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy material, and the metal streamline formed after forging can improve the geometrical quality of the product. The solid die forging suspension clamp has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, beautiful appearance and strong wear resistance. Other manufacturers in the same industry use 1600-ton or 2500-ton presses to produce solid die forging suspension clamps. Whether the company can successfully trial-produce the 1,000-ton press is facing a big problem in the process.


The technical person in charge of the company’s technology center actively organizes relevant technical personnel and skilled personnel to analyze and demonstrate the production process of the product, and determine the product process flow based on the characteristics of the product and combined with work experience. Combined with the characteristics of the existing 1000-ton press, the mold design plan was customized and optimized several times. At the same time, a detailed trial production plan was formulated. In order to ensure the successful trial production, the person in charge of the technical center organized the technical R&D personnel to use three-dimensional modeling to conduct multiple simulation tests, and organized the workshop technicians to conduct multiple analyses and research on the production site. At the same time, they formulated a number of emergency technical measures before the trial production. With the efforts of all the company’s technical personnel and skilled personnel, various technical difficulties were overcome, and the solid die forging suspension clamp was successfully trial-produced at one time. After testing, the solid die forging suspension clamp XGD-21/60-40 product fully meets the performance indicators.


The solid die forging suspension clamp XGD-21/60-40 hardware products were successfully developed. Not only the company has made a major breakthrough in the solid-state die forging process, it is also the first enterprise in the hardware industry to successfully trial-produce a 1,000-ton press, which will greatly improve the company’s technical strength and market competitiveness.

Post time: Sep-08-2021