The company takes multiple measures to promote new energy business to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Wind power is one of the main forces of new energy. The company’s wind power anchor bolt orders in 2021 have also increased greatly compared with last year. In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for wind power tower anchor bolts, and to solve the rising price of raw materials Problem, the company established a wind power anchor cost management and control team, focusing on the three themes of “improving quality and efficiency, upgrading and transforming, and innovation and intelligence”. Promote cost reduction and efficiency enhancement work.


Set up a mechanism to demand benefits from fine management. The cost control team conducted field visits to raw material manufacturers in Hubei, Hunan and other places. Through research, they fully understood the market information of raw materials for wind power anchor bolts and developed ideas. At the same time, they proposed that purchases must go outside more in time. Understand the market information and avoid the phenomenon that the companies participating in the bidding are generally high. Otherwise, even if the bid is won at the lowest price, the cost will be higher than the market price. Through face-to-face negotiations with various manufacturers, the purchase price of raw materials for wind power anchor bolts has been significantly reduced, and some materials have fallen by 5%.


Speed ​​up technological transformation and demand benefits from innovation and creation. In conjunction with the technical department, by improving the current technical level, optimizing product design, increasing material utilization, reducing unit product materials, and achieving the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


To increase revenue and reduce expenditure, we must benefit from process management and control. Led by the Finance Department, the entire production process is sorted out with the production workshop, and the production efficiency and cost of each process are re-checked. Through equipment transformation and process re-optimization, the production efficiency is gradually improved and the cost is controlled to the lowest level. Through a series of measures, the comprehensive cost of wind power anchor bolts has been reduced by more than 8%.


At present, through comprehensive control of the production cost of wind power anchor bolts, in the face of the unfavorable factors of the recent sharp rise in steel, not only has the profit of existing orders been preserved, but also the company’s market competitiveness has been improved. The company’s new energy business contract volume since 2021 It has achieved new breakthroughs and has become the company’s main pillar industry. By copying the new energy business comprehensive control model to the company’s traditional business, it promotes the development of traditional business cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, thereby promoting the company’s high-quality development.

Post time: Sep-08-2021